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Notting Hill Housing Trust needed to appoint a suitably qualified and experienced Asbestos Consultancy to complete a management survey of the Cannon Rubber Factory.

The Challenge

We updated the premises’ Asbestos Management plan, the survey was required to locate, as far as reasonably practicable, the presence and extent of asbestos containing materials which could be damaged or disturbed during future occupancy of the building.

What We Did

Our project managers completed a site visit prior to commencing works to gain a sound understanding of the industrial environment. During our initial visit we mapped out the layout of the factory and arranged access to areas to be included as part of the management survey.

Our Achievements

Within the survey, we collected samples from: the ground floor, first floor, office sections, ceilings, roof, stairwells, kitchen and other living spaces, tiles, toilets, and external areas (walls and surrounding ground). Samples were tested in our local UKAS accredited laboratory. We provided Notting Hill Housing Trust with:

  • A final report that detailed our discovery and condition of asbestos containing;
  • An analysis
  • Asbestos Material risk assessments with Sketch plans and photographs (captured on our surveyors’ handheld devices).
Notting Hill Housing Trust - Cannon Rubber Factory - Asbestos Consultancy