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Muir are a traditional housing association with a dispersed housing stock across a wide geographical area from the North West through the Midlands and our ongoing task is to provide gas auditing and related consultancy services.

The Challenge

Muir needed specialist gas installation expertise to support the delivery of its gas servicing, maintenance and new installation programmes. The programme’s design had to reflect the different property and appliance types across the stock, plus the use of multiple servicing contractors. Alongside the service programme, Muir also wanted to deliver a programme of boiler replacements and central heating installs, linking to their Decent Homes programme.

What We Did

Pennington Choices planned and delivered a programme of sample audit inspections of gas installations, assessing the quality of the servicing work done, generating a scored assessment and providing a monthly trend report. Additionally, we delivered second opinions when required for proposed boiler replacements to determine whether work suggested by the client’s contractor was actually required.

Our Achievements

As a result of our involvement in the programme, Muir Group has benefited in a number of ways including:
  • Improvements in the performance of the contractor and quality of safety checks undertaken.
  • Calculated quality scores have steadily increased over time reflecting the coherent value of the audit process and the support provided to the contractor.
  • Saving money when we recommended alternative solutions following second opinion inspections
  • Successful delivery of the heating install programmes.
  • Our design, procurement and management of geographically focused heating replacement programmes, which included acting as contract administrator, quantity surveyor and CDM Co-ordinator. This also involved providing post inspection services including water sample tests and work in progress inspections of contractors’ work.