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Healthcare providers have a duty of care to ensure that appropriate governance arrangements are in place and are managed effectively. Healthcare organisations must be able to satisfy the enforcing authority, if called upon to do so, that they have carried out a suitable and sufficient Fire Risk Assessment. Stockport NHS Foundation Trust commissioned Pennington Choices in 2020, to carry out Fire Risk Assessments across its portfolio. Fire Risk Assessments have been completed on clinics, offices, high dependency wards and staff accommodation throughout 2020. One of the key challenges on this project was completing Fire Risk Assessments during the Covid-19 pandemic.

As a committed provider, we endeavoured to support the Trust throughout the pandemic and have ensured that all requested assessments have been completed during this challenging period. We continue to work with Stockport NHS Foundation Trust and support them to remain compliant in regards to their fire safety obligations.

Pennington Choices were selected because they are third party accredited under the BAFE SP205 scheme. They provide an excellent, well managed and flexible service along with creating good quality reports with competitive pricing. I would definitely use them again.
Fire Safety Manager – Stockport NHS Foundation Trust.

Stockport NHS Foundation Trust - Fire Risk Assessment