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Project Overview

PA Housing is a registered provider of social housing, offering over 23,000 homes across the Midlands, London, and the South East. PA Housing required Pennington Choices to undertake a health check of their approach to identifying and dealing with damp and mould. This included assessing and providing assurance on their compliance position with their legal and regulatory duties, and their approach to customer care when dealing with such issues. The health check considers whether they are complying with the applicable legislation and government directions on damp and mould in their properties, requirements of the Regulator of Social Housing (RSH) and the Housing Ombudsman, as well as sector best practice.

Throughout the project we identified that PA Housing showed good practice, but there were some areas where there was potential for risk or improvement. Through our ‘key lines of enquiry’ approach, we were able to successfully provide thorough recommendations for PA Housing to implement and ultimately improve and evolve their overarching approach to damp and mould, all within agreed timescales and deadlines.

Our Approach

When undertaking damp and mould health checks for our clients, we use our ‘key lines of enquiry’ approach, an approach which we used successfully for PA Housing to ensure consistency:

   Data and Document Review

We review several documents and data which we use to gain an understanding of the current approach to the identification, prevention, and resolution of damp and mould, and how they are currently performing. These documents include policies, procedures, process maps, performance reports, system data, disrepair information, HHSRS compliance, and so on.

   Information gathering sessions with team members in involved in damp and mould management

It is imperative that the key people involved in the management and delivery of damp and mould receive detailed communication throughout the project. Therefore, Pennington Choices hold sessions with these individuals to gather information on how the organisation is identifying and addressing individual cases of potential damp and mould. We also look at the proactive and strategic approaches to preventing and addressing it within properties. The main purpose of the sessions is to gain an understanding of the activity and initiatives the organisation has in place, and we ensure that those who participate in them understand that the ultimate outcome is to achieve the best outcomes for the organisation, staff, and customers.

  Headline Feedback

We then provide key summarised feedback to the project sponsor and any relevant members of the Executive or Senior Management Team at the end of the information gathering sessions to highlight our key initial conclusions and recommendations.


After providing feedback, we then produce a succinct report which outlines our findings and recommendations along with a clear road map so that organisations can monitor their progress against our recommendations with ease.

Our Achievement

The health check for PA Housing was completed quickly and efficiently with all timescales and deadlines adhered to from both sides.

Pennington Choices successfully achieved all agreed objectives by:

•  Evaluating their existing approach to identifying and dealing with damp and mould against legal and regulatory obligations, against the Housing Ombudsman’s directions, and against best practice.

Providing assurance about their current approach and position.

Identifying any areas of good practice.

Identifying any areas that they must address if they are not complying with legal or regulatory requirements, and areas that we recommend they strengthen in order to meet best practice.

•  Providing clear recommendations and actions which set out how they can or should address any issues identified.

•  Presenting the findings in a succinct report which will be issued to the Executive Director of Customer Services (as project sponsor).


Client Testimonial

We had a positive experience working with Pennington Choices and were particularly impressed with their approach, engagement with staff, subject matter expertise, and overall thoroughness. We appreciated their findings and would have no hesitation recommending them in the future."
- Director of Asset Management at PA Housing

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