Struggling to get to grips with your responsibilities around damp and mould? Or perhaps you’d like a reminder? 

Dealing with damp and mould issues can be challenging. As persistent problems, they require landlords to consider health concerns, legal obligations, and property maintenance, not to mention navigating the complexities of identifying and addressing the root cause. Allow our experts to break everything down into digestible chunks so that you can stay on top of your responsibilities whilst keeping your residents safe.   

In our free Landlord’s Guide to Damp, Mould, and Condensation, you will learn about:  

  • How you can identify properties which may be at risk and what practical steps you should be taking to address damp and mould issues found. 
  • The most common causes of damp and mould developing in properties and what this could mean for your tenants.  
  • How to meet the relevant standards to comply with your legal responsibilities and, most importantly, keep your tenants safe.   

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