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Recruitment…Don’t Waste My Time!

You’ve wasted my time…You’ve wasted my money…

Whether you’re the stressed hiring manager looking at an empty seat or the frustrated candidate, feeling misinformed or worse, misled…how many times have you felt that your investment of time and money in the hiring process has been wasted?

Maybe it’s time to try something different…

Pennington Choices is different.  We’re a property and housing services company providing strategic consultancy and building surveying to client organisations across the country.

And we have a specialist recruitment division.

So for example, when the recently appointed Chief Executive of a social housing provider  commissioned our signature ‘Compliance Health Check’ to assess its performance and future compliance delivery, our high level Consultancy team swung into action and delivered its report.

And to deliver the strategy and its tactical objectives, Pennington People Resourcing sourced and appointed an interim Director to work with the Board, leading a programme of procedural and cultural change that protects the organisation and its customers.

There’s the difference.

Pennington Choices is a property company first, so we understand the sector technically and culturally, as an employer and through the candidate’s eyes.

We understand what you do, the challenges you face and the pressures involved.

And we have a specialist recruitment division that delivers results through a detailed, robust hiring process that recognises the hiring organisation’s strategic and tactical objectives and balances those with the professional and personal needs of the individual candidate.

Client or candidate…we’ll aim to save you time and money…maybe it’s time to try something different.

For more information on our people resourcing services and how we can help you master your recruitment, contact Chris Spencer at