Ahead of delivery the delegate profiles will be requested to ensure that our trainer can deliver personalised training and that delegate experience and upskilling can be effectively addressed and developed throughout the three days of the course delivery.

Good health and safety is always led from the top. Those with senior and middle management level roles also need to lead on health and safety to establish a positive culture.

IOSH Leading Safely concentrates on providing information through a coaching style format to enable you to become an effective leader for health and safety.

The course uses a holistic approach that combines an integrated diagnostic tool (a mobile app questionnaire) to assist delegates to analyse and evaluate their own current Health and Safety leadership performance and through the workshop style coaching sessions lead delegates to create and develop action plans for improvement.

The course content covers the following topics:

  • Diagnosing your current behaviours (using a mobile app questionnaire before the course)
  • Understanding safety and health leadership, its importance and key behaviours
  • Looking at when things go wrong - case studies
  • Getting leadership right - case studies
  • Actions and commitment - reviewing your behaviours and making personal commitments for change Assessment
The IOSH Leading Safely course is assessed by the quality of ‘your’ personal action plan.

Upon completion of the course delegates will receive an IOSH Certificate for accredited training.

Who is this course for?

This course is aimed at Non-Executive Directors, Board Members, Trustees, Business Owners, CEO’s / MD’s, Executive Management, Senior & Middle Management and Self-Employed.

How many delegates:

Ideally 6 to 10 delegates per session for Live Online and Classroom delivery. Maximum of 12 at any time.

Why choose us?

Our trainers have vast experience of undertaking roles at strategic level as well as experience of boardroom positions and in the role of trustee. Our trainers understand the different requirements of health, safety and well-being across all levels of organisations, big or small, in the same sectors as our clients.

We have over 20 years’ experience of working in the housing sector at strategic and executive level (we can use other sector experience here too when needed).

Our trainers have full teaching qualifications and experience of working in education, with private training providers and delivering a wide variety of courses for international and globally-based clients as well as UK based public, private and charity/not-for-profit sectors.

Virtual £190 + VAT per person
Classroom £300 + VAT per person
Classroom Day Rate for up to 5 delegates £1400 + VAT

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