Recorded on Wednesday 16th August 2023.

Is your organisation’s approach to addressing damp, mould, and condensation issues up to date?

In this on-demand webinar, our panel of experts dived deep into what other organisations are currently doing to address their damp, mould, and condensation issues, whilst detailing the key lessons we’ve learnt and best practices we’ve established having worked with several organisations in this area. You will learn the key things we’ve found when doing damp and mould surveys and the common themes we are finding and what you need to make sure surveyors do in your properties.

Back in December ’22, our webinar ‘Damp and Mould: Priorities for action’ discussed how you should be meeting the relevant standards for dealing with damp, mould, and condensation risks. Now, almost 8 months on, our experts are revisiting what your organisation’s overarching approach to damp and mould should be, alongside sharing what other organisations have been doing so that you can gain a clear understanding of:

  • What the best practice approach to damp and mould is
  • The damp and mould lessons we’ve learnt having worked with several organisations
  • How you can investigate damp and mould issues and respond in better ways
  • What your organisation should be doing now to ensure that you are up to date with legislation and most importantly, that your residents are safe

As always, the webinar includes a Q&A session where audience questions have been answered live.

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