Recorded live on Wednesday 17th April 2024.

The housing sector has seen a spotlight on the Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS) in recent years, with increased scrutiny on organisations’ compliance. It’s crucial that you understand your legal obligations and recognise the importance of staying compliant with the legislation to effectively manage and mitigate your building’s hazards.  

Enforced by the Housing Act 2004, local authorities have a legal requirement to identify hazards and assess potential risks to the health and safety of tenants. The HHSRS, assessing assets against 29 different hazards, is a vital tool in keeping your buildings complaint and tenants safe. Our panel of experts summarise the key requirements of the HHSRS and outline its place as part of the overarching legal and regulatory responsibilities of landlords, and its link to the Decent Homes Standard. They also outline the key details of Awaab’s Law following the recent conclusion of its consultation and what the proposals will mean for landlords.  

Following a scoping review conducted in 2018 highlighting the need to simplify the HHSRS, the government began a review to bring it up to date and align it with other legislative standards. Whilst there is no set date for the changes of this review to be implemented, it’s important that you are compliant with the existing legislation to best prepare for the upcoming revisions. This webinar provides you with expert insight into the best practices, lessons learnt, and frequently asked questions from working with organisations to help with their HHSRS compliance. 

Join this webinar to discover:  

  • The fundamentals of the HHSRS  
  • What the HHSRS means for housing providers  
  • The importance of complying with the HHSRS  
  • Expert insight into Awaab’s Law following the conclusion of its consultation in March 
  • Lessons learnt from working with organisations on their HHSRS compliance  


Sarah Davies – Professional Services Director at Pennington Choices

Jordan Brown – Head of Consultancy at Pennington Choices

Ben Davidson – Head of Survey Services at Pennington Choices


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